New, yet still familiar

Cantina friends of all stripes,

A few years ago we set out to rethink how to create inspiring places for modern  adults that live well, look beautiful, are built responsibly, and reconnect people to community. 

With preparations underway for our flagship campus we’re proud to announce a new name for our communities – Kindred Uncommon.

Why the change?
Every step of our journey has been informed by a diverse, intergenerational group of thoughtful supporters who are living with a sense of purpose. Now felt like the right time to set a tone for what’s to come that reflects the modern, soulful people we are building this for. 

What does this mean? 
It’s not the name that matters so much as what we do with it. In the coming weeks we’ll be launching more content about the first location on our new website, which will give you a view into so much more about our parklike campus, the ethos of the community, and the vibrant culture of Buda and Austin where we are embedded. You can also follow our new Facebook and Instagram where we’ll start making more regular updates.

We love the spirit of Kindred Uncommon and hope you do too. As always, reach out to us if you have questions, or just sit tight as we share more about what’s to come.

Zach, Chris, AJ