Uncommon living for uncommon people.

An uncommon take on community living designed for people who want to live well and write their own next chapters, together.

What We Believe

All of us are a little uncommon – we are creating a community welcoming to everyone and built around a few values we hope you share.

Community, by design.

The gradual creep of ever larger homes, fenced in yards, and longer driveways has left some feeling disconnected. We believe in designing communities at a more human scale – breaking down the barriers to building meaningful relationships with your neighbors without sacrificing the privacy, functionality and sense of comfort that makes home feel like home.

Participatory Membership.

A residence where you’re not just a resident. We believe we’re here to lay the foundation and manage some of the basics of making a community run day to day, while creating the space for Members to have a role to play, big or small, in designing the everyday rituals, programs and experiences that make a space a meaningful place.


Learn as we grow.

We aren’t afraid of trying new things, learning, and trying again. Hopefully you aren’t either. We’re bringing together forward-thinking people who want to live a little differently than they do in the apartment building down the street. We aspire to grow, learn, and evolve as individuals and as a community.

About Kindred Uncommon

The three of us met a few years ago and quickly discovered we had a shared vision to change how communities can be designed and managed to live well for people of all ages.  We’ve been encouraged to share just a little bit about ourselves to demonstrate there is a mission and real people looking to make this happen, not just anonymous developers, banks, builders and property managers. Here is just a little bit about who we are and what we aspire to.

Chris Krager

Chris is a mission driven designer and builder. He has led a vertically integrated design-develop-build practice for the last two decades, with the intention of making modern design and sustainable homes accessible to everyone. He’s brought award winning design across the country from Central Texas to Southern California and Upstate New York. He lives in Austin with his partner Amy and their dog Lucinda.

AJ Viola

AJ’s experience with community began sitting on the front stoop of his family’s multigenerational home in the Bronx, watching neighbors and distant cousins come and go for block parties, holidays, and the latest gossip. As an adult, he finds community at his local crossfit gym, where members encourage each other on their journeys to better physical and mental health. AJ is excited to be part of a founding team changing the way people experience residential community.

zach website bio
Zach HollandeR

Zach grew up in a family where bringing together an extended family of relatives and friends over a big meal was an almost weekly ritual. He worked in public policy, business and tech as prelude to building a mission driven business that would have a positive impact on the people in his life who inspired Kindred. He loves New York’s Mountains, Texas BBQ, and surfing in California’s chilly waters.

 Explore the Member Experience

 Explore the Member Experience